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On display in this museum you can find some equipment and implements which tell the story of the Foletto laboratory, dating from the early 20th century. This lab, set up and managed next to the adjacent pharmacy business was a veritable pharmaceutical plant in those pioneering years, albeit on a small scale. The output of the facility was varied and plentiful, ranging from injectable phials to fruit syrups by way of many registered medicinal specialities. But two world wars and changing times saw much of the lab equipment fall into disuse, giving way to the industrial products of the present day. The Foletto pharmacists continue to produce their syrups and liquors with the same care and professionalism they have shown for over a century (which you can kind find on the products pages of this site). We invite you to visit this little museum, which enshrines affection and nostalgia for genuinely handmade things, for a ‘taste' of times past and present. In full view of the entrance to the museum can be seen a mortar dating back to the 18th century, made up of a number types of stone used for different purposes, while the glass display cases hold phials, coils, sterilisers and balances, including one used to weigh poisonous substances which is equipped with anti-corrosion plates made of bone for this specific purpose. The hall of the museum also houses a range of curious technical devices: one for cutting and rolling gauze, one for producing pills and another for filling tubes with tooth paste or other substances.

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GARIBALDI and the First World War

Val di Ledro has been always a communication route between Brescia and Lake Garda. It was used for commerce during peace times but also by the armies during wartimes. The army could easily cross the passes of Ponte Caffaro and Forte Ampola thanks to a fast and sure route. Val di Ledro was the border line between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the beginning of the 19th century until the end of the First World War. This situation had serious consequences for the safety of the inhabitants. In 1866 Val di Ledro, and especially Bezzecca, was theatre of the Third Indipendence War of Italy between Garibaldi and his so-called Hunter of the Alps against the Austro-Hungarian army. The fight has been won by Garibaldi and he was ready to conquer Trentino but, the 9th of August, he received the news of the armistice and the order to retreat from Trentino. He replied with the famous "Obbedisco" (i obey) and the valley stayed under the Austrian domination until the end of the First World War. During the First World War, Val di Ledro was again between the Italian artillery and the Austrian troops. On both mountain sides of the valley it is possible to see trenches and fortifications.

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